On-Site Measurement and Analysis

Cabrera offers an extensive array of on-site measurement and analysis techniques for radioactive and hazardous constituents. Our real-time, spatially referenced radiation survey techniques have proven to be a cost-effective and value-added addition to traditional survey methods. These innovative screening techniques support precision excavation and building decommissioning.

Our capability to perform In situ measurement and establish and manage onsite laboratories provide an additional resource for expediting cleanup. These techniques provide clients with timely, cost effective, high-quality data and deliverables.

Cabrera's on-site measurement and analysis services include:

  • Gamma & alpha spectroscopy
  • X-ray fluorescence screening
  • Canberra ISOCS® & Microshield® modeling
  • Spatially referenced data collection technology with real-time CAD/GIS
  • Integrated GPS & real-time field data collection
  • Web-enabled data management and GIS, 3D modeling & CAD