Radioactive and Mixed Waste Management

Cabrera provides full-service radioactive and mixed waste management services from in situ characterization to segregation, packaging, transport and disposal. Cabrera has an impressive history of minimizing waste volumes, reducing the complexity and cost of remediation projects. Our experienced and certified waste broker has a proven track record of controlling backend costs on complex remediation projects.

Cabrera's radioactive and mixed waste management services include:

  • Waste brokering and waste characterization
  • Non-Destructive Assay
    • Visual “Hot-Spot” Container Mapping
    • Transuranic (TRU) and Low-Level Radioactive Waste
      Characterization and Program Support
    • Nuclear Material Control and Accountability
    • Real-time Waste Segregation
  • Waste Acceptance Criteria (WAC) profiling
  • Transportation, planning, packaging & disposal
  • On-site treatment of hazardous & radioactive waste
  • Demilitarization