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Linde FUSRAP Remedial Action

Location: Tonawanda, NY


Client: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers



  • Project Management

  • Quality Control

  • Health and Safety

  • Bulk & Precision Excavation

  • Remediation

  • Building D&D

  • Waste T&D

  • MARSSIM Remedial Support & FSS

  • Restoration

  • Environmental Monitoring

  • Regulatory Support

  • Onsite Laboratory Operation

  • CWTP Operations

  • Community Relations


Project Highlights: 

  • Large, complex urban radiological remediation at USACE FUSRAP site where contaminants of concern were uranium, thorium, radium

  • Achieved $3.4M in T&D/borrow material cost savings by securing NYSDEC approval to reuse 19,350 tons soil below cleanup goals as backfill

  • Innovative MARSSIM survey screening expedited excavation, segregation and backfill decisions

  • Completed project over three years ahead of schedule, expediting site closure

  • 25,440 tons of contaminated soil/debris was shipped for offsitedisposal

  • Implemented green and sustainable practices using the MARSSIM FSS process to secure USACE approval and NYSDEC Part 360 exemptions for soil beneficial reuse and debris recycling resulting in cost avoidance of millions of dollars to the project

  • Total area released under FSS  – Class I (11 survey units) – 107,127 SF; Class II (5 survey units) – 433,427 SF

  • Number of FSS soil samples analyzed – Class 1: 106; Class II: 103; Class I and II: 209

  • Gamma Walkover Survey – Class I: 392,096 data points; Class II: 504,040 data points; Class I and Class II: 896,136 data points

  • 2.7M gallons of water was treated

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