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R8I Cabrera Remediation & Construction, LLC (R8I Cabrera) is a mentor-protégé joint venture of Region 8 International (R8I) and Cabrera. R8I is a SBA 8(a) certified, Native Hawaiian-owned corporation headquartered in Denver, CO. Core competencies are environmental services including remediation and general construction services.


R8I Cabrera was the prime contractor for the Iowa Army Ammunition Plant OU-8 (IAAAP) remediation in Middletown, IA. IAAAP encompasses approximately 19,000 acres, including active and inactive production and storage areas, undeveloped areas, and agricultural leases. The primary contaminants of concern included explosives, metals, volatile organic compounds, and depleted uranium (DU). R8I Cabrera’s five year contract focused on the removal of DU-contaminated soil and associated debris by sorting the soil and debris based on its radioactive content. R8I Cabrera segregated DU-contaminated soil and debris from clean soil and transported and disposed of the waste at an off-site permitted facility.  Our team’s combination of in-house capabilities and 30 years of experience remediating 17 USACE FUSRAP sites ensured that USACE St. Louis District could realize their mission on this important project.

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