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Eagle Zinc Superfund Site Operations Unit 2 Remediation

Location: Hillsboro, IL


Client: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers



  • Site Preparation

  • Water Management

  • Building Pad, Foundation, and Underground Structure Demolition

  • Clearing, Grubbing, and Putrescible Waste Management

  • Stream Realignment and Wetlands Reconstruction

  • Containment Cell and Waste Consolidation

  • Site Restoration


Project Highlights: 

  • Prepared CERCLA compliant work plans and pre-construction surveys

  • Site preparation including installing fence gates and erosion controls restrict unauthorized access and eliminate discharges of contamination offsite

  • Construction of a 10-acre on-site containment cell onsite relieving the need for offsite waste disposal

  • Excavation and consolidation of 90 acres of contaminated material; totaling 301,000 CY

  • 100% successful stabilization/treatment of 5,822 CY of hazardous material

  • Demolition of building remnants totaling 23,000 CY of demo material and reuse on site

  • Reuse of crushed brick and concrete on site as stabilizing material eliminating the need for and cost of offsite disposal

  • Dewatering and filtering of surface and rain water to eliminate offsite discharge of contamination

  • Design and replacement of a road shoulder and earthen ditch to allow for full access to extents of contamination

  • Stream realignment and wetlands reconstruction to move aquatic habitat away from contaminated zone and protect aquatic life onsite and downstream

  • Backfilling with clean materials and site restoration using native grasses, trees and shrubs reestablishes a healthy ecosystem

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