Environmental & Radiological Remediation

Cabrera’s in-house expertise includes:

  • Site assessments providing quantitative data documenting liabilities/risks

  • Remediation methods consisting of but not limited to soil excavation, groundwater treatment, facility decommissioning, chemical injection

  • Work performed at residential, industrial, military and remote sites

  • In situ and ex situ soil and sediment treatment

  • Water management

  • Facility, infrastructure, equipment decontamination

  • Landfill construction, repair, closure

  • Groundwater, surface water collection and  treatment plant construction and O&M

  • Site preparation, remedial design, restoration

  • Soil and debris characterization, management and loading for disposal and licensed transport

  • On-site mobile laboratory services

  • Removal of underground storage tanks, demolition of facilities/infrastructure, minor construction

  • Radiological and mixed waste characterization, profiling, brokering, packaging, T&D

  • Regulatory compliance permitting and licensing support