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Environmental Remediation Services


Our in-house expertise in environmental remediation services is loaded with a background of Radiological Physics, Engineering, Ecological, and Safety professionals and is backed by an NRC radiation license. Cabrera is a USA remediation services company whose clients are privy to our implementations through a typical workflow:
1.    An investigative phase w
hereby site assessments are done providing quantitative data documenting liabilities/risks as part of our environmental remediation services.
2.    Followed by conceptualization and design identifying environmental and radiological remediation methods that may involve soil excavation, groundwater treatment, facility decommissioning, chemical injection, and landscape restoration when determining radiological remediation services.
3.    After that, we conduct site preparation and any necessary remedial redesign arising due to project obstacles. Site preparation includes radiological remediation services, mixed waste characterization, profiling, brokering, and packaging for USA remediation services projects.
4.    Work protocols that are relevant to residential, industrial, military, conservancy, bird sites, and remote sites with training and development of assigned staff and prevent future radiological remediation services from being needed.

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Our Radiological Remediation Services Strategies

We lay emphasis on certain methodologies from our acquired know-how for optimum remediation:
I.    To begin with, facility, infrastructure, and equipment decontamination is addressed on-site some of which may have been installed underground. So, the removal of underground storage tanks, demolition of facilities/infrastructure, and/or minor construction follows in USA remediation services projects.
II.    Many sites require an initial
in situ or ex-situ soil and sediment treatment. In the case of the latter specialized transport and disposal of contaminants in line with NRC regulations is conducted. Thus, soil and debris characterization, management, and loading for disposal under licensed transport for USA remediation services.
III.    Disposal operations may require landfill construction, repair, or even closure of an existing landfill with redirection or reuse of waste. Our experience in the segregation and reuse of waste has resulted in budgetary savings and reduced man-hours
IV.    Likewise, water management is often required which may involve treatment, redirection of course ways, or draining after filtration. Groundwater, surface water collection and treatment plant construction, and O&M are part of our capabilities in environmental remediation services.

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We bring the convenience of on-site mobile laboratory radiological remediation services that analyze data and samples collected terrestrially or aerially, or both. They may be gamma radiation measurements, non-destructive assays, heavy metal or volatile organic contaminants tests, or even greenhouse gas emissions, but we have an environmental remediation services package to handle anything at the site. We’ve attained NRC regulatory compliance that you need when hiring our USA remediation services. Drop us a line via our contact us form for more info on our environmental remediation services.


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