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Interim Removal Action Former Frankford Arsenal

Location: Philadelphia, PA


Client: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers



  • Project Management

  • Quality Control

  • Health & Safety

  • Pre-Remedial Investigation

  • Geophysical Surveys

  • Excavation

  • UST Removal


  • Monitoring Wells Installation

  • Site Restoration

  • Community Relations


Project Highlights: 

  • Former Frankford Arsenal FUDS previously operated as a munitions research, manufacturing, testing and storage facility. Cabrera completed Radiological Investigation (RI) and performance-based Interim Removal Action (IRA) for multiple Areas of Concern

  • Completed pre-remedial investigation executing six IRAs and two RIs for POL, VOCs, SVOCs, PCBs and metals contamination

  • Excavated >7,920 cy of contaminated soil and obtained >450 confirmation soil samples from 17 IRA areas

  • Pumped/collected >7,900 gallons of water/product from USTs and executed UST removals in accordance with ASTM and API protocols

  • Performed subsurface soil characterization including the use of direct-push technology and hollow-stem augers

  • Supervised geophysical surveys for utility clearance

  • IRAs achieved Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection Act 2 cleanup goals based on industrial land use

  • In total, the RIs encompassed 114 soil borings, collection of >200 soil samples, installation and sampling of 24 temporary and 14 permanent groundwater monitoring wells, excavation of eight test pits and characterization for an 8,000 gallon UST

  • Performed an emergency action to address a leaking sump containing high levels of TCE, PCBs, and VOCs; pumped 275 gallons of material and solidified remaining sludge; excavated 1,800 tons of contaminated soil

  • Prepared CERCLA-compliant documents including two soil RIs, a munitions and explosives of concern RI, a proposed plan/record of decision and a community relations plan

FFA IRA Construction Photos 235 PCB Soil
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