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Land Remediation Services


Land remediation services are sought after by both public and private players. These services are applied to swathes of land or standard-sized developed plots of land that have become hazardous to humans and/or to wildlife. Various human activities in the past or even natural calamities may lead to the existence of land that needs remediation. The degradation may have occurred fairly recently, or it may be natural toxicity that has been present for eons. At Cabrera Services, we are experts in land remediation and offer land remediation services to all and sundry.

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The Process of Restoration through Land Reclamation

Either through the outcry of the public, the land owner’s initiative, or government-scheduled programs we encounter land remediation services candidate sites. They may have different aspects such as contamination, flooding, landslides, or facilities in disrepair. They demand different inputs to access and assess and finally remediate. Candidate sites for land remediation include:

  • Old mines and quarries

  • Mountaintop removal sites

  • Discontinued testing zones

  • Old warehouses and factories

  • Flooded lowlands

  • Discarded town planning(Ghost towns)

  • Landslides or eroded badlands

  • Encroaching sand dunes

  • Uranium enrichment sites

  • Dilapidated infrastructure

These are dealt with using different techniques but the same methodology. They are tested, mapped, and measured, and a design for land remediation is drafted, which is then quantified to estimate a budget. The community is involved and regulatory bodies are invoked before a final draft is achieved and budget allocation is sought. Heavy construction, demolition, hauling, refilling, or recycling may be involved to restore land or safely change use. And that is our standard scope of engagement.

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Are you ready to begin land remediation services for your waste disposal site? We can provide you with a range of remediation services to meet your site's particular needs. You can view our project schedule. You can also contact us for an appointment.


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