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On-Site Measurement

& Analysis

Cabrera real time measurement and analysis techniques for radioactive and hazardous constituents expedite cleanup. They are proven to be a cost-effective, value-added addition to traditional survey methods and include: 

  • Canberra ISOCS® and Microshield® modeling

  • CLASS--Cabrera's Large Area Scanning System(™) (4-16L NaI) with MCA binning and integrated GPS

  • Spatially referenced data collection technology with real-time CAD/GIS

  • X-ray fluorescence screening

  • Web-enabled data management and GIS, 3D modeling and CAD


We independently staff and operate accredited on-site analytical laboratories to expedite decision making. Services include:

  • Gamma and alpha spectroscopy

  • X-ray fluorescence screening

  • Gas proportional counters

  • Kinetic Phosphorescence Analyzer

  • Inductively Coupled Plasma-Atomic Emission Spectroscopy (ICP-AES)

  • QA/QC review of data and reports in real time

  • SQL-based database for data import, storage, retrieval and mapping

  • Microsoft Access-based database for automated instrument and batch QC checks, report generation and QC data trending

  • Analytical laboratory staff augmentation

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