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Radioactive Waste Management


It is always necessary for nuclear enrichment and heavy metal use sites to close with responsible radioactive waste management. Cabrera Services has experienced radioactive waste management specialists with the in-house methodology for LLRW (Low-level radioactive waste) and mixed waste management. Due to the nature of the industries in need of radioactive waste management our clients are typically under FUSRAP and our reach follows the program’s countrywide footprint. However, some sites may have naturally occurring radioactivity such as mining sites in which case the radiation disposal may fall under either state or private responsibility. Sometimes the need for cleanup may be occasioned by accidental spillage from facilities or during transportation or deposit over some distance by overground or underground water systems. In all these cases we use our radiation disposal services for the good of the public. As a result, we have handled different topography and proximity to populated areas and ecological zones. We have also encountered projects in extreme remoteness. Thus, we have had to overcome a variety of challenges in radioactive waste management techniques, some of which we have set new standards for.

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Our Radioactive Waste Management Services Portfolio

We have a broad spectrum of radioactive waste management services available, including:
●    Waste brokering and waste characterization
●    Waste segregation and minimization
●    Non-Destructive Assay
●    Visual “hot-spot” container mapping
●    Transuranic and low-level radioactive waste
characterization and program support
●    Nuclear material control and acco
●    Real-time waste segregation
●    Assessments of impacted soils and debris for beneficial reuse/recycling 
●    Development and execution of cost-effective options for beneficial reuse or lower-cost radiation disposal
●    Waste acceptance criteria profiling
●    Rail and highway transportation, planning, packaging, and radiation disposal

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Our doors are open for radiation disposal projects in any part of the country or U.S. territory. Let our experts guide you on which radioactive waste management services will help you in your disposal project. Contact us for more information on radioactive disposal management.


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