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Specialized know-how in remedial support is needed in the design of a remedial action plan for a site that is contaminated, has been used as a landfill or has fallen into general disrepair. We have remediated and restored many sites across the country since 1994. At Cabrera Services we have amassed expertise in remedial design, remedial support, and the implementation of the resulting remedial action plan. We are well versed in USACE guidelines, which are the highest in remedial construction quality control. Also, we are NRC licensed to handle radioactive remediation consulting and other contaminants. We have time and again worked with the Formerly Utilized Sites Remedial Action Program (FUSRAP) from Illinois to Honolulu. Therefore, we bring with us a wealth of knowledge in remedial support and consulting over different terrains and jurisdictions under a single regulations umbrella.

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Why Use Us for Remediation Consulting?


By consulting with us, your project management team will experience a professional approach to remediation consulting, respecting budgetary, time, and regulatory constraints. Your team will implement our tabulated remedial design and enjoy our remedial support which will include training and liaising with regulatory authorities. We give timely recommendations based on sound scientific measurements that we conduct non-destructively over the site. As environmental experts, we always ensure habitat protection, address public concerns, and seek out opportunities for the reuse or repurposing of waste and equipment. Our remediation consulting appreciates that business cases may be necessary to maintain sites and staff hence reviving underutilized on-site resources. We also aim to reduce operating costs and man-hours required on sites within the remedial action program. We address heavy metals, volatile organic contaminants, and radioactive waste hazards.

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Disposal of waste and its related transportation must be done within the regulatory framework taking into account hazards to the public and workers conducting the remedial support. We build teams within the remedial action program from a multi-disciplinary of sectors that work in tandem at sites upholding the highest occupational safety and health standards during a remedial design project. Remedial consulting is necessary due to the typical complexity encountered on the ground by bodies and obstacles that challenge the budget, scheduling, and technical compliance of a remediation exercise. Often compromises have to be made in the progress of a remedial action program affected by events such as bird migrations, extreme weather, human activities, underground infrastructure, and so forth. These are usually projected in the remedial support and remedial design plan but have to adhere to a chain of approvals and a specific set of actions during implementations. Contact us to learn more about how our remedial support services can benefit you.


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