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Schofield Barracks DU Range 

Location: Oahu, HI


Project Highlights: 

At the Schofield Barracks DU Range project in Oahu, HI, Cabrera performed Depleted Uranium characterization and MEC inspection at an active firing range to support CERCLA Human Health Risk Assessment. We developed the Site-wide Radiation Protection Plan which is now the standard for all ranges with DU. Cabrera performed site wide rad surveys with UXO avoidance, including 100% gamma walkover surveys and aerial surveys. The aerial approach that we designed and utilized included a helicopter GPS/GIS-linked survey site. The approach was particularly effective due to the rough terrain we were working in. Cabrera performed prescribed control burns using spray defoliant lit from the helicopter. Test burns were performed in both non-DU and DU-areas and the full burn of the range included 1,100 acres. We monitored the perimeter for three days following burn, expediting turnaround on air samples. Cabrera addressed the many hazards on the range by using hand-held equipment only to remove material by scraping the surface, preventing soil disturbance and closely coordinated removal activities with UXO and chemical support personnel. We profiled, packaged and set up a storage facility for waste holding, conducting periodic inspection of the facility until the Army removal of the wastes.


Air monitoring was of significant importance on the project to alleviate concerns by the public of effluent release of DU.  Cabrera developed a report of findings comparing the results to acceptable air borne release limits, delivered Baseline Human Health Risk Assessments addressing the potential risks to workers and residents downwind of the site and worked closely with US Army Center for Health Promotion & Preventive Medicine. Our report document has been used in the development of work plans throughout the Army for similar sites.

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