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West Valley Demonstration Project

Location: West Valley, NY



Department of Energy (DOE)

West Valley Environmental Services, LLC



  • Project Management  

  • Radiological Engineering

  • Health and Safety

  • Industrial Health Management

  • Waste Segregation Operations

  • NDA Support to Waste Management

  • MARSSIM Final Status Survey

  • Environmental Monitoring

  • Training

  • Regulatory Support


Project Highlights: 

  • Successful implementation of radiological engineering/project management and industrial safety in support of D&D of 40-50 buildings with uranium as the contaminant of concern

  • Provided human health monitoring, directed PPE prior to entering facilities, oversaw dosimetry and closely monitored exposure limits and performed air monitoring of all buildings

  • Supported the planning and removal of equipment, materials, and major components and the decontamination of the process facilities

  • Client cited Cabrera’s transition onto the West Valley project as one of the most successful transitions by a DOE contractor in recent memory

  • Conceptualized, designed and implemented the first waste segregation operations facility at West Valley, allowing low-level wastes LLRW to be separated from TRU, which led to over 100 waste crates being disposed of at an off-site LLRW disposal facility within six weeks of implementation – first shipment to occur in project history

  • Rigorous safety and dosimetry program reduced/eliminated site hazards and resulted in 363,000 man hours worked with no lost time accidents

  • Performed FSS and confirmation surveys according to the FSS Plan as part of post-demolition activities

  • Advised the DOE during its interactions with multiple stakeholders on this high-visibility project, namely the EPA, State of NY, the NRC, OSHA, and Buffalo and West Valley cities

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