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Maywood FUSRAP ROD Remedy

Implementation & VP Remediation

Location: Maywood, New Jersey


Client: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers



  • Project Management

  • Quality Control

  • Health and Safety

  • Shallow & Deep Excavation

  • Remediation

  • Building D&D

  • Waste T&D

  • MARSSIM Remedial Support & FSS

  • Restoration

  • Environmental Monitoring

  • Regulatory Support

  • Onsite Laboratory Operation

  • CWTP Operations

  • Community Relations


Project Highlights: 

  • Large, complex urban radiological remediation of chemical manufacturing plant, rail, industrial, commercial and residential properties and roads with thorium, radium and uranium in soil, and metals in groundwater the contaminants of concern

  • Smooth transition from prior contractor; rapid mobilization ensured uninterrupted remediation

  • Excavations below the water table in close proximity to roads and buildings using shoring/sheeting techniques, handling/management of saturated soils and excavation dewatering

  • Cabrera installed a permanent water treatment facility that was fully operational as of 1/3/17 and is responsible for the O&M of the plant

  • Excavated 345,260 CY of soil and shipped 5,027 rail cars

  • Performed dewatering, treatment and discharge of 6.8 million gallons of construction water in compliance with the Site’s Bergen County Utilities Authority discharge permit

  • Reduced USACE project cost by $300 per CY

  • Commended by USACE COR and PM for quality plans and IT infrastructure upgrade implemented

  • Cabrera completed 1,053,682 work hours without a Lost Time Incident

  • In Fiscal Year 14, a funding increase required extensive coordination between operations and transportation resulted in meeting all increased excavation and shipping goals

  • Properties have been released under both “restricted release” and “unrestricted release” criteria, based upon land use

  • Zero non-conformance issues: dust/odor control throughout project

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