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Louis FUSRAP Remedial Action & Waste Transportation 

Location: St. Louis, MO


Project Highlights: 

For the St. Louis FUSRAP Remedial Action and Waste Transportation project, Cabrera provided full-scope remediation of the Airport Site Vicinity Properties, managed waste stockpiles and railcar loadout for all North County remediation wastes generated by various St. Louis District contractors, and provided waste transport and T&D coordination for all St. Louis Downtown Site and North County remediation waste, managing 148k tons waste and 1,369 gondola car shipments. Cabrera eliminated safety concerns for workers installing liners and tarping the top of gondola rail-cars by plugging weep holes and affixing hard lids atop filled railcars using a lull lift instead. This first use of hard lids for FUSRAP waste transport complies with USACE EM 385-1-1, Section 21, Fall Protection while reducing overall waste transport cost.


In addition to managing the wastes, Cabrera led Vicinity Properties remediation. We completed radiological soil remediation and restoration activities for 10 North St. Louis County FUSRAP Vicinity Properties, performed all construction work, field engineering and management services necessary to complete remedial actions, including site preparation, excavation of radiologically-contaminated soil, soil sampling, gamma walkover surveys, wastewater collection, air monitoring, site restoration, demobilization and final report preparation. Cabrera performed vacuum excavation of radiologically-contaminated soil from around/beneath a myriad of subsurface utilities (including gas lines), mitigating the safety risk associated with hand excavation while accelerating schedule to avoid/minimize impacts on property use and enhancing productivity and cost. A total of 162,030 gallons of wastewater was collected from the excavations, transported to a storage facility using a portable storage tank and offloaded to a temporary holding basin.


Cabrera personnel demonstrated the ability to partner with St. Louis District and regulatory stakeholders to secure permits/approvals from MDNR, St. Louis Metropolitan Sewer District, City of Hazelwood, MoDOT, FAA, St. Louis Airport Authority, NRC (for management/disposal of radioactive sources).

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