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Cabrera Services offers Professional Services (Industrial Group 899), Contract No. 47QRAA18D000H, on a GSA Multiple Award Schedule.


Environmental Consulting Services - SIN 899-1

Remediation Services - SIN 899-8


Cabrera GSA Contacts

Program Manager: Lucy Sherrill
Phone: (757) 785 0969


Download our rate sheet here


Environmental Consulting Services - SIN 899-1

Cabrera services include, but are not limited to: EA and EIS preparation; historical assessments; environmental program and project management; compliance and contingency plans and performance measures; permitting; spill prevention/control and countermeasure plans; pollution prevention surveys; community reporting/communication; data and information management services involving areas such as hazardous material spills; material safety data sheets, etc.; waste-related data collection, feasibility studies and risk analyses; RCRA/CERCLA site investigations; hazardous and/or non-hazardous exposure assessments; waste characterization and source reduction studies; waste tracking/handling systems; waste management plans/surveys; waste minimization/pollution prevention initiatives; review of waste management technologies. 


Remediation Services - SIN 899-8

Cabrera remediation services include, but are not limited to: excavation, removal and disposal of hazardous waste; site preparation, characterization, field investigation, conservation; site closure; wetland restoration; emergency response clean up; UST/AST removal; air monitoring; soil vapor extraction; stabilization/solidification, bio-venting, carbon absorption, reactive walls, containment, monitoring and/or reduction of hazardous waste sites, some unexploded ordnance removal support; remediation-related laboratory testing requirements.

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