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Environmental Services


Why choose us as your environmental services company in the USA? Cabrera Services is a small business providing turnkey solutions that revolve around environmental and radiological remediation. We have a reputation for safe, high-quality project delivery at the Federal level. Our experience spans environmental characterization, remediation, operations & monitoring, demolition, waste management, transportation & disposal, and restoration. Our environmental services company has been at it for 30 years and our collective professional experience far exceeds that by decades. Our clients such as USACE and UNC expect top-notch environmental services and budget restraint and so does the ultimate client, the public, which we have invariably delivered. We offer our services nationwide with case studies in New Jersey, New York, Illinois, St. Louis, Connecticut, Iowa, Honolulu, and Philadelphia under our belt. A lot of these projects were under the FUSRAP program and some arose from the DoE’s need for an environmental services company in the USA.

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Looking for an environmental services company in the USA? 


Why Choose Us for Your Environmental Services Company in the USA?


We pride ourselves in our teamwork that results in one of the top environmental services companies in the USA. From all perspectives including project management, consultation, regulatory, quality control, and contractors. We also address work environment concerns by incessant measuring, the introduction of PPEs, and supplementary use of liners and tarpaulin as part of our environmental services offerings. Both on-the-job and off-site training for safety (OSHA) and operations are our forte. We delve into complex scenarios on-site as well as work under variably funded projects that may have phased roadmaps. Somebody has to do the dirty work which involves hauling contaminants, demolitions and deconstructions, excavations and underground structures recovery, solid waste, and wastewater collection. Being environmentally oriented, our environment services lean towards reuse of equipment, piping, crushed brick, and concrete, and conceptualize water treatment and waste segregation. So apart from having a budgetary control aspect, there’s also the low carbon footprint of our operations.

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Providing a conducive environment for populated areas as well as wildlife habitat conservation or restoration is part of our environmental services KPI. When you're looking for an environmental services company in the USA you can trust, turn to us. Our project schedule is on our website and you can directly contact us for all your environmental service needs.


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