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Waste Site Restoration


With our team-based approach, we systematically convert wastelands (even with contamination) into habitats or livable spaces. Cabrera Services is the go-to contractor for any projects that involve mixed waste environments that cause a public health concern. We work closely with state and federal officials to manage waste site restoration of abandoned facilities, landfills, treatment plants, and the like.

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A Dynamic Waste Site Restoration Approach


Different locations feature different topologies and ecologies, which means a dynamic waste site restoration approach needs to be applied to each site. A site may be located in a suburban or peri-urban area raising a direct concern about residents' exposure or simply eye sore and underutilization. Waste site restoration may be required where heavy metal accumulation may be seeping into the water table or is directly in contact with residents or wildlife.  It may also be a case of measured radioactivity levels that are beyond human exposure recommendations. It may last but not least be a case of volatile emissions or particulates that compromise breathing air quality. We begin by working on a site with a survey to gather the extent of waste accumulation in order to develop a remedial strategy. The scale of works depends on the vastness of the site, the extent of contamination or damage, and the level of access afforded to the equipment needed.  The waste site restoration plan encompasses every aspect from easement to the possibility of reuse and reclamation. With a federal budget secured, we set out with training and a coordinated attack on the key obstacles of the site including regulatory issues.

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When it's time to perform a waste site restoration, turn to the best in restoration services. We have the capabilities required for the job as well as conducting capacity building. Contact us to learn more.


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